Is coconut water healthy? What's behind it?

Ist Kokosnusswasser gesund? Was steckt dahinter?

Connoisseurs swear by coconut water after sports or after a night of drinking. The liquid from the exotic stone fruit is also extremely popular as a stimulant. Is coconut water really so healthy? And if so, does it really only have benefits?

Coconut water vs. coconut milk

If you put a glass of coconut water next to a glass of coconut milk, you will immediately see the difference: the water is milky and much thinner than the white milk. The taste is also different. While the water tastes only very slightly sour and sweet, the creamy milk has the typical intense coconut aroma. Coconut water is the liquid contained in young green coconuts. Each fruit contains about 600 milliliters. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is pressed from the pulp of ripe coconuts.

Coconut water and its positive effects on the body

However, the best thing about coconut water is its minerals: it contains mainly potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Pure coconut water without additives is a completely natural product. In this respect, it is similar to mineral water, which is also a natural food. Coconut water has few calories and is therefore a good thirst-quenching alternative to juice and soft drinks.

Calcium is not only good for strong bones, but also supports muscles. The same goes for sodium and magnesium. Sodium and potassium are also important for the body's fluid balance. The mineral blend in coconut water is therefore ideal after sweaty sports sessions in which the muscles have been stressed. Coconut water is, so to speak, a natural sports drink that Mother Nature has already mixed for us.

But coconut water is not only a healthy alternative to many other recipes for before or after sports, but also after a night of partying, drinking and dancing. The liquid is great for balancing electrolytes and water the next day. Since the water is easily digestible, it can be tolerated even by a very sensitive stomach.

Another benefit of coconut water is that it contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from premature aging. There is even evidence that coconut water lowers blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol can clog blood vessels and lead to serious diseases, so it makes sense to keep cholesterol levels low.

Many of the benefits of coconut water - natural, rich in minerals, ideal after exercise - are similar to those of mineral water. So if you can't find the exotic drink in the supermarket or you're just not convinced by the taste, you don't have to give up these benefits at all. A bottle of mineral water is at least as beneficial for the body as coconut water in everyday life, after sweaty activities or after a festive evening.

Is coconut water only characterized by benefits?

Coconut water is the perfect complement to mineral water and unsweetened drinks - such as tea. The coconut water can be perfectly used for smoothies and is super delicious. The drink is also good to mix for cocktails. Coconut water is the ideal companion through the week.

So there is a lot to be said for coconut water. So the question of how often you should drink it can be answered with "daily"? Not necessarily - depending on the contents of the bottle.

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